Subject: Jazz Hotel Renovation (Naples)


A few days ago the renovation of one of our hotels was completed.


The Jazz Hotel, a 3-star hotel has 11 rooms and in our management since 2019, takes on a new shape and a new character aimed at ensuring greater comfort to all guests.


The renovation includes important interventions


1. Modernisation of the rooms, and total elimination of masonry works that led back to a previous state, effect of the seismic shocks of the past months, purchase of new furnishings to ensure greater comfort.


2. Renovation of the elevator system with the latest generation hydraulic system to guarantee greater safety and reliability, even towards smaller guests by installing full-height photocell barriers.


3. Expansion of the lobby and insertion of new furnishings, with demolition of masonry works that made the rooms of old conception, using the application of new materials with a modern character and ensuring a distinctive character.